Grendel #8: After the Devil

Argent knows his nemesis has returned to the city. He and Grendel are so connected that he can feel its presence.

Meanwhile, Brian Li Sung is viciously interrogated by the San Fransisco police, enduring just enough borderline torture to put these particular officers in the corner of the bad guys. When he’s finally released, he meets up with Gin and the two return to New York to find Christine.

Christine is taken to see Argent. Despite the fact that she’s relinquished the mask and fork, she still feels like Grendel. She empathizes with Hunter Rose. She sees the police as fearful enemies and she relishes their fear. The only person who doesn’t seem to fear her is Captain Wiggins, the partner of Argent who wears a distinguishing metal plate over one side of his face. His electronic eye doubles as a lie detector, but Christine is duplicitous enough to throw him off-guard.


Christine despises Argent. She embodies Grendel even in this, and her cunning helps her win a battle of words with Captain Higgins. With no evidence to tie her to Grendel, they release her. But the damage is done: Christine’s hatred of Argent is cemented.

Meanwhile, Riley–the detective from San Fransisco–learns that Brian Li Sung has left for New York. He tracks Brian down and promptly beats him senseless.

When Christine finds out? Well. Let’s just see if she really is finished with Grendel.

Or if the Devil has other plans …

Wiggins: The detective with a plate on his face makes for a good foil, and a good character. He’s smooth, somewhat charming, willing to work with Argent, and generally well-behaved (at least compared to the other cops in the comic). He’ll come to play a much bigger role in the next few issues.

About those Dark Horse covers: When Dark Horse republished the original Grendel series (after a lengthy, lengthy break on account of Comico’s bankruptcy), Matt Wagner drew the covers. It’s obvious the style has changed since the original series, and the covers have provided hints as to how Wagner sees each issue. This one is perfect example. Look above to see a defiant Christine with the eyes of all the principle players behind her. Brian, bottom left; Argent, top left; Wigging, top right; Gin, bottom right.

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