Grendel #10: Devil on Edge

Now it’s Brian’s turn to be dragged to an audience with Argent and Captain Wiggins. Brian’s antipathy toward them could simply mean Christine’s attitude is rubbing off, or it could be because even our Good Angel only has so much patience for these particular police officers. Either way, he’s not willing to work with them, and Wiggins knows it because of his electronic eye … he just can’t figure out what Brian is hiding. And so they threaten him. They use aggression because they’re desperate to find Grendel.

Christine, meanwhile, lies effortlessly to her best friend. It comes so naturally now that she doesn’t falter at all. The aggression is her only choice (in her mind), and it makes her feel powerful and alone. Grendel can accomplish whatever she needs to accomplish, but in the process she can only isolate herself. She’s a criminal: a thief and a murderer and probably a terrorist (it’s hard to imagine blowing up a bunch of tour buses could be victim-free).

13d89ba5c2c7f87ced2df5bae50934ae_l.jpgThey have one more surprise waiting for them at Gin’s place when they go to get Brian: the apartment has been ransacked by police. Brian, of course, is still with Argent. But Gin’s home is tossed, her pictures and possessions damaged. Now, everyone in Christine’s life has been pulled into Argent’s hunt. They are all victims, and in Christine’s eyes, there’s only one way to stop it.

Brian spars with Argent and Wiggins, maybe because he knows he’s innocent, and maybe he wants to rub that in just a little bit. There’s some serious confidence running through his bones–it’s the confidence that comes with a clean conscience.

Christine doesn’t have that confidence. She admits to her friend (in vague terms) that the only time she truly felt in control was when she was Grendel. She references her mother, Stacy, who never had any control. She is, essentially, a more fleshed-out version of Hunter Rose: she sees her violence as legitimate and sanctioned because the police won’t help her; when the police try to stop her, she sees them as a threat. When the police abuse Brian and Gin, Christine no longer sees them as valid.

Christine, essentially, has become radicalized.


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