Read “The Bird Box”

Author: Josh Malerman

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I cannot recommend this book enough. For those of you who enjoy any sort of post-apocalyptic (or just plain weird and scary) fiction, this book feels like a breath of fresh air. The plot is pretty simple: something is causing people to go insane the moment they see it. What is it? No one knows. A creature of some kind. Maybe. The only hope is to keep your eyes closed whenever you’re outside.

Things devolve quickly, but for a small group of survivors, they’re making it work inside a house with the windows covered. But food is running out. Water needs to be drawn from the well. And in each of these moments where someone finds themselves outside, it isn’t long before their imaginations (and fears) wreaks havoc in the darkness behind their eyelids.

Mark my words: you’ll probably finish this book in one sitting. It’s that good.