Picking Locks

I’ve been trying desperately to experience new things during this pandemic (or as I now call it: the summer of Hell). I have no idea why lockpicking seemed like a fun thing to learn, but it wasn’t long before I’d picked up a ridiculous set of tools and a pair of see-through locks.

I honestly think, in cases like this, I just want to challenge myself. I can’t imagine a situation where I would actually need to pick a lock. I’m not a criminal, for starters. Also relevant is the fact that we as a society seem to be moving toward more electronic locks anyways. These analogue “keys” are antiquated!

But I did it anyway. And after some finagling, I realized that all you really need is torque wrench and a single hook pick. Not only that, “mastering” the art of lock picking took literally two hours. I sat and I watched Dateline NBC and during the commercials, I practiced using the hook pick to set all the lock’s pins in place.

So now I know how to do this. I guess I could keep a lockpicking set in my car … after all, I’ve been known to lock myself out of my office at work sometimes. But then what would anyone passing by say, if they saw me trying to break into my own office? People already think I’m weird.