The Proving

The Earth that man once knew is long since gone. Gone are the days of human dominance – For over one hundred years now, Earth has been overrun by Specters, terrifying ghost-like aliens that have forced the remaining humans to take refuge inside protected cities. These Xenoshields may protect, but they also cage. Humanity yearns for freedom. Tensions run high between the clans.

Today is the day of The Proving, the day when clan children of a certain age and training venture beyond the protection of the city shields into the wilds where Specters haunt the ancient ruins of man. Tasked with a routine maintenance mission, the clan children venture deep inside Specter territory and quickly find a secret so shocking that it challenges everything they’ve learned.

Poignant, thrilling, and deeply atmospheric The Proving is a non-stop thrill ride you can’t help but sink your teeth into. This coming-of-age tale is a vividly detailed testament to the realities of social pressure and resilience of the human spirit in the shadow of Armageddon. Journey forth into the breach as the last of the human race balances on the precipice of Earth’s final hours.

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