“Whether he’s describing small town interactions and relationships, the coal mining industry, or the efforts of a grieving sister to uncover the truth about her brother, Brosky does a wonderful job of detailing action and emotion in a powerful saga of second chances gone awry. Readers of thriller, horror, and supernatural mystery will find The Beyond an exciting, involving story that keeps them guessing to the end, thoroughly immersed in the dilemmas faced by Moon, Ben, and the people of Blackrock.” – Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“Despite a few flaws, this tale’s inventive worldbuilding and appreciation for bloody thrills shine.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Recommended highly to all horror readers and especially to those who enjoy Bentley Little novels. I am a huge fan of small town horror where the last remaining normal people turn into unlikely heroes, and that is just part of the reason this fast paced story was a hit with me.” – Well Worth a Read Book Blog

“The twists in this horror tale make it original, scary, and violent. Not knowing who to trust amped the suspense.”
– Catriona on Goodreads

“A very imaginative and unique story.”
– Dollie on Goodreads

“I would recommend this novel to any horror fan.”
– Jen on Goodreads

“It freaked the Hell out of me!”
– Mary on Goodreads

“I was tickled pink by how much I enjoyed this damn story!”
– Lisa on Goodreads

“A really enjoyable read”
– Michael on Goodreads

What would you do for a second chance? Would you kill for it?

Moon’s only hope of finding answers rests in the hands of a local professor who knows the mine’s horrible secrets. But the professor has problems of his own, and unless he can confront the creature that’s hunting him, Moon’s chances of making it out of town alive are darker than a seam of coal.

Moon Song’s brother has gone missing in the town of Blackrock, Pennsylvania. Worried that her brother has slipped back into addiction and desperate for answers, Moon hires private investigator Ben Sawyer to help her uncover the truth. Together they discover what the people of Blackrock refuse to acknowledge: something terrible has happened inside the coal mine that defies all logical explanation, and it threatens the lives of every single person in town. Bodies are piling up at the funeral home, and many others have seemingly vanished.

Dive into Ken Brosky’s horror-fueled nightmare and find out what’s in The Beyond!

Published by Timber Ghost Press. Buy it on KINDLE or PAPERBACK.